Obtaining a Zoning Confirmation Letter

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From time to time, buyers will find a unique residence or parcel of land to pursue, but its uniqueness presents concerns under the applicable local zoning codes.

Zoning codes can determine whether the residence is permitted to exist in its current condition or that the land can be used for the construction of a new residence.

In addition, the zoning codes will have required set backs for a residence on the property and the standards by which the land can be split into more than one buildable lot.

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In these instances, buyers will be best served by requesting the local governmental zoning department to provide a formal zoning confirmation letter as to the desire of the buyer following the purchase of the property.

This formal written confirmation from the local governmental zoning department allows the buyer to have more comfort before making a final decision on the pursuit of the residence or property.

If you need help in obtaining a formal zoning confirmation letter before purchasing a property, our attorneys can assist in the process.

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