Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

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Real estate agents serve a vital role when it comes to transacting in real estate. A good real estate agent will (i) have specific expertise or knowledge of a given local real estate market, (ii) be able to act as a valuable intermediary between the parties, and (iii) serve as an advisor to minimize decision-making based upon emotions.

Real estate agents can typically expose a seller’s property to a larger potential buyer population, and inversely have access to a broader array of listings for buyers.

In addition, real estate agents can make the real estate closing process smoother by keeping track of timelines and assisting with scheduling of inspections.

Our attorneys continually note how helpful real estate agent are in the closing process, as the real estate agent tends to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction throughout the process.

By engaging a real estate agent, you are at an advantage when buyer or selling your property. However, before engaging a real estate agent, it’s important to rely upon recommendations and interview a few of them before making a final decision.

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