Top Five Reasons Realtors Use LegalClose

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LegalClose was built for to make the real estate closing process simple, secure, and legal for consumers, but we also recognize the importance Realtors play in the real estate closing process.

As a result, LegalClose has made it a priority to ensure that Realtors receive the same high-level of service and some of extraordinary benefits that LegalClose offers to consumers.

With this in mind, here are the top five reasons that Realtors use LegalClose:

  1. Legal Oversight – Through our process of matching consumers with a real estate closing attorney, Realtors are able to communicate directly with the attorney throughout the closing process. This allows the Realtor to have the same level of legal oversight and guidance offered to consumers, including assistance with interpreting or drafting contractual provisions or preparing contract amendments. Our attorneys are solution minded and keep deals moving forward.
  2. Technology Driven – Our platform, and each attorney in our network, uses the latest technology to ensure that all information kept secure and the closing process made to be as simple and efficient as possible for consumers and Realtors. Through our platform Realtors are able to obtain an instant, up-front, and transparent closing cost prediction for their clients. Once matched with a real estate attorney, Realtors will be able to securely communicate with the attorney through a digital closing platform. Our attorneys use e-signature and remote online notary applications to complete the digital execution of all closing documents (as of this writing, some lenders still require physical in-person execution of the loan documents). From there, the relevant closing documents are recorded electronically and the final versions sent securely to Realtors through the closing platform.
  3. Outstanding Service – We select real estate attorneys for our network on the basis of several important factors, but providing outstanding service is an absolute requirement. This starts with ensuring that the real estate attorney is knowledgeable and responsive, and the attorney’s office must have experienced and courteous staff members. As part of each closing, our team checks in on the closing process to ensure it’s going smoothly, and our quality control team also performs post-closing service reviews with consumers and Realtors. In order to emphasize our commitment to outstanding service, we provide incentives to those attorneys in our network that receive excellent post-closing service reviews.
  4. Electronic Payments – We require real estate attorneys in our network to ensure that all closing funds are wired out instantly upon the closing at no cost to the recipients, including commissions. We know that Realtors work hard to earn commissions as part of every transaction, so we place a priority on the prompt distribution of commission payments. To the extent available or permitted by applicable attorney bar rules, we also encourage our attorneys to have other alternatives for immediate payments of commissions, including overnight mail, ACH, or digital payment apps.
  5. Community Giving – We are committed to strengthening our community, as we are all in this together. As part of this pledge, the real estate attorneys in our network are committed to giving back to the community by either donating their time or money to important local causes related to home ownership or the home buying process. In addition to local causes, we donate a portion of our profits to important state and federal level causes related to homelessness and home ownership.

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