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Title Insurance – Attorney vs. Title Agent?

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While the answer to this question is obvious to us. Especially, as platform designed to provide consumers with the ability to be matched with a real estate attorney that will close their real estate transaction legally and digitally for costs at or below a title agent.

We understand that most consumers may not truly be aware of all the benefits and advantages of having an attorney handle and oversee their real estate closing and issue the title insurance policy.

Let’s start with the obvious, title agents are typically licensed by the state after taking a one-week online class whereas attorneys must have, at a minimum, a three year advanced legal degree and real estate law is required coursework.

From there, attorneys have much higher and broader ethical, malpractice insurance, and continuing education requirements than title agents through state law licensing requirements.

For those attorneys that are Board Certified in Real Estate law, the requirements are even greater.

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Attorneys are trained to be diligent, detailed, and spot and resolve real estate title matters to ensure the title is clear.

Unlike attorneys, title agents have no training and expertise to resolve contractual, survey, and title issues that arise during the closing process, and this makes having an attorney led closing process one that is more likely to close should an issue arise.

Further, only an attorney is able to review the purchase and sale contract before it is executed to ensure proper disclosures and legal requirements are included.

Frequently, real estate attorneys are brought into a closing process stalled or stuck with a title agent in order to resolve matters that would have been non-issues had the attorney handled and overseen the closing from the beginning.

Ultimately, a real estate closing is a legal process that is best handled and overseen by an attorney.

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