Buying Real Estate with Anonymity

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From time to time, our attorneys hear from buyers of real estate that have various reasons for requesting anonymity from the public view.

The reasons vary from celebrity or public figure status to victim or domestic protection issues, the end goal is the same.

Currently, all jurisdictions require that deeds of conveyance and mortgages be recorded, which effectively creates a digital (or paper for the old schoolers out there) trail as to the current ownership of real estate.

This has only been enhanced with the ability to search online records of most local recording offices from anywhere.

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In a world where data is ubiquitous, having anonymity becomes more relevant and desired.

The methods for anonymity when buying real estate vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Accomplishing anonymity is never guaranteed in every situation, but by using a layering approach from start to finish of the real estate buying and closing process, the anonymity element has a much higher likelihood of success.

It all starts with hiring a real estate attorney before the real estate buying process begins. The attorney can then ensure that the anonymity methods are layered and implemented properly and the final real estate closing process keeps it secure.

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